Nintendo Revolution – for the faint of heart

The fine folks over at Engadget(One of my twice daily work reads) and Joystiq did an interview with Shigeru Miyamoto, the genius behind the Mario, Zelda, and Donkey Kong franchises, to name a few. They asked him questions, mostly about Nintendogs, but the one thing that that came out of this interview that was still left up to speculation up until now was the existence of a traditional or “classic” controller for the Revolution. In Miyamoto’s own words:

From our perspective the Revolution controller is the new controller, everything else is now the classic controller. And with this expansion, you’ll be able to have a classic controller that expands the functionality of the core unit. … We’ve got something that would be very similar in style and form to the Wave Bird already complete. … We’ve retained all the functionality of the classic-style controller, so that people who are familiar with games and familiar with that style of game play are going to be able to have the types of experiences that they’re expecting, on top of all of these new experiences that they’ve never imagined before.

Nintendo Revolution, Shigeru Miyamoto