Harrionette Miers

Harriet Miers is but a puppet controlled by Hier Bush

The image above, much like my photoshop skills, is far from perfect. The idea for the picture came to me while chatting with my boss yesterday, so rather then get a full night’s sleep, I created it using the trial version of Photoshop CS2. In the spirit of full disclosure, I know very little about:

  1. Harriet Miers
  2. Harriet Miers’ qualifications sit on the Supreme Court or to hold any other position for that matter.
  3. Whether or not Harriet Miers was nominated because she is easily manipulatable, as the picture suggests.

I’m pretty sure since this is parody that I’m not breaking any laws. Feel free to copy and distribute, but I’d appreciate it if you left the callblog.net tag in place and give a link back to callblog or this post.

Harriet Miers, Supreme Court, Photoshop, puppetry, marionettes

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