Colin’s toolbox.

Collin Cunningham posted another episode of Collin’s Lab detailing his basic electronic toolkit.

I’m doing pretty good, just missing good tweezers, a hemostat, tin snips, desoldering tool and magnifying visor.

Fluidity for WiiWare

Fluidity on Nintendo’s WiiWare may be best game I’ve played all year. My only criticism is that the plot is thin – the main character is a puddle, supporting cast is a book and the enemies are flaming slugs made of ink. However, Fluidity is a puzzle game. The plot doesn’t need to be strong, the puzzles do. I’ve only played for 2 and half hours so far, but in that time no two puzzles were alike.

Explore Motor City

I forget where I found this video series, but it appeals to the Bohemian in me. Johnny Knoxville drives around Detroit showing that despite (because of?) all the decay, young artists and musicians and makers of things are moving back into the city and creating wonderful work in ways they wouldn’t be able to anywhere else.