Firefly: Serenity – part 2

The second episode of Joss Whedon’s Fireflytonight at 7pm EST on the the Sci-Fi channel. In Serenity – part 2 the we learn more about the naked woman found in the crate at the end of the last episode, how business is done on the outer planets, and what goes bump in the night in outer space. Fort hose of you who missed the first episode, you’re in luck: Sci-Fi will be re-airing Serenity – part 1 at 6pm – right before part 2.

Just 63 days until Serenity, the movie based on Firefly hits the theaters.

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Firefly on Sci-Fi

Cancel your appointments and mark you calendars for this Friday night. At 7pm the Sci-Fi Channel will bring Joss Whedon‘s Firefly back to the small screen. Its first time on TV, in 2002, Firefly was totally porked by the Fox Network, who’s executives decided it would be good to play the episodes out of order and at different times each week. The show was canceled before all the episodes had even aired.

Fast forward to December 9th, 2003. Firefly is released on DVD and it rockets to #1 on’s best seller list. Fast forward again to 2005. On September 30th, Serenity, a movie based on Firefly will be released, and a comic book series chronicles the time between the end of the series and beginning of the movie.

Some of you may be perplexed. Normally, “failed� television shows aren’t made into major motion pictures. The thing is, Firefly is really, really good. The only reason that it’s not still on TV is because someone at Fox set out to destroy it and nearly succeeded. It takes a pretty amazing show to put corporate America in it’s place, and Firefly has done that. It’s risen from the dead. Do yourself a favor and give it a chance this Friday. Then, if you find yourself a newly converted browncoat (slang for a Firefly fan), buy the DVDs, encourage your friends to check it out, and go see Serenity on September 30th.


Last night my apartment was visted by a mature, female dobsonfly []. Being my first encounter with the humungous, vicious-looking insect, I was scared crapless and shuffled past it as quickly and quietly as possible as I carried SCUBA equipment and birthday presents into the building.

Upon recounting my horror story of being accosted by giant insects my cube neighbor instantly identified the creature. Apparently they’re harmless (to humans anyway). I’m just glad it wasn’t a male, if I had seen the mandibles on one of those, I would’ve gotten in my car and headed back to P-town (see pictures by following the link above, if you haven’t already).

It’s my birthday!

I am sick and tired of people coming up to me at Wal*Mart and asking me “Do you work here?” or worse yet, just assuming that I do and asking me where to find things. I think it’s the fact that I keep my keys on a lanyard that throws them off.

To live in a home shaped like a dome

For quite some time, I’ve wanted to live in a domed house. Yesterday, I was watching some show on tv about Palm Beach houses, and it mentioned safe rooms (remember the film Panic Room?). Anyway, while searching for safe rooms, I stumbled upon Monolithic Dome Houses, which are similar to geodesic dome houses, but made out of smooth, steel reinforced concrete.

The Monolithic website has calculators on their website for approximating how much the construction for a particualr house will cost. It looks like I’m going to need about $350,000 to build my nearly-indestructable dream home.


Piebald is coming back to PSU, thanks to WPCR.  Its a “best-of” show, so you’ll get to hear alot of old songs and some new ones too.  I’m not going embed the flash ad (more of a trailer, really) here, but its located over at  The show is Nov. 20th, starting around 7:30 in the HUB at Plymouth State University.  Its going to rock hard, so you’d better bring your rockin’ out shoes, lest some rock related injury befall you. rock.