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Garfunkel and Oates

Garfunkel and Oates. I don’t remember what I was reading when I first saw the name, but I’m hooked like velcro. Before I go on, here’s a video of them playing one of my favorites, Me, You and Steve (warning: contains some curse words):

The duo consists of Kate Micucci, who you may have seen on Scrubs and Riki Lindolme who you had a brief role on Buffy: The Vampire Slayer among other things. I’m not sure how to describe them… nerd-folk? As I write this, they have 9 songs available for download on their website, all of which I’ve downloaded and listened to repeatedly. Being nerdy, I value wit above all other virtues, and Garfunkel And Oates’ lyrics do not disappoint. I’m hopeful for an album that I can give them money for and a tour that includes the east coast. In the mean time, give them some folkonomic love; download their songs, and watch their videos

If you’re like me and find yourself frothing for more, Riki made a short that uses 3 of Garfunkel and Oates’ songs called Imaginary Larry which I adore and also put some of her own songs on her website. Kate has her own songs on CD Baby, mySpace and iTunes. You can follow Kate or the band on Twitter.

Youtube Music Video Mashup

This video is hot. Essentially, this guy Kutiman grabbed youtube clips of people playing instruments and mixed them together. If you haven’t already, press the play button. If you aren’t digging it right away, wait until about 45 seconds in, when it really takes off. Who knew youtube could be a platform for jam band music videos?

At the moment he’s got seven videos in all, plus a “making of” video, all of which are worth watching and can be seen at Thru-You [via Gizmodo]

Pile of Gold video redux

Pile of Gold Music Video Screenshot

Following in the footsteps of yesterdays post, I’m reposting the compilation I made of the videos posted for The Blow‘s Pile of Gold music video (which you can read about here). This time though, I’m posting the (mostly) uncompressed 163MB version. I can’t guarantee that will stay up forever due to the size, but I’ll be monitoring the traffic and I’ll update here if anything changes.

Name:Pile of Gold – Music Videos compiles
Size: 164MB
Download Link: Pile of Gold Music Video

iPod Nano Commercial

Jenny and I were at Zach and Sara’s house tonight when an iPod Nano commercial came on TV. The commercial features a series of hands moving various colored iPod Nanos around, and they are all playing the same music video (seen below). Zach asked me if I knew who the artist in the video was, and although they sounded familiar, I couldn’t place the band. When I got home tonight, I opened up yahoo and saw that their featured news story was titled “That iPod Nano Video”. From the article:

Queries on “ipod nano commercial song,” “ipod nano song,” and “ipod nano commercial” all jumped over 350% over this past weekend. Seems everyone wants to know who possesses the enchanting voice behind the raspy “1, 2, 3, 4.”

It turns out I have heard the band before. They’re called Feist (see also Feist’s myspace page), and their song Sea Lion was getting good rotation on Pig Radio some months ago, and Karl had mentioned to me separately that as band I should check out.

Pile of Gold music video

A few months ago, Khaela Maricich of The Blow posted a video to youtube asking for video submisissions for the song Pile of Gold. Shortly thereafter, she ran into some difficulty and apparently has yet to complete the project. I, with my filthy little paws on a computer with Final Cut Express, went to work putting together a quick and dirty compilation like Khaela had described. Below you’ll find the combined fruits of the labor of many people more creative then myself. Enjoy.