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iPod Touch Commercial

Since the iPod Nano commercial generated a great deal of interest in the band Feist, I figured I’d head off any questions that might come my way and point out that the song in the newest iPod Touch commercial is Music is My Hot Sex by Cansei De Ser Sexy, also know as CSS, a band from Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Various sources are reporting that the video was made by Nick Haley, a freshman at the University of Leeds. Apple touched it up a little and has been running it on TV, with permission of course.

iPod Nano Commercial

Jenny and I were at Zach and Sara’s house tonight when an iPod Nano commercial came on TV. The commercial features a series of hands moving various colored iPod Nanos around, and they are all playing the same music video (seen below). Zach asked me if I knew who the artist in the video was, and although they sounded familiar, I couldn’t place the band. When I got home tonight, I opened up yahoo and saw that their featured news story was titled “That iPod Nano Video”. From the article:

Queries on “ipod nano commercial song,” “ipod nano song,” and “ipod nano commercial” all jumped over 350% over this past weekend. Seems everyone wants to know who possesses the enchanting voice behind the raspy “1, 2, 3, 4.”

It turns out I have heard the band before. They’re called Feist (see also Feist’s myspace page), and their song Sea Lion was getting good rotation on Pig Radio some months ago, and Karl had mentioned to me separately that as band I should check out.


macfusionWhen I was writing PHP, Zach had turned me on to EditPlus [website]. By far my favorite 2 features of EditPlus were it’s light weight and integrated FTP functionality. Matt wrote of how he enjoyed the integrated ftp support in Coda, but I found it to be a bit to geared towards web development for what I usually find myself doing these days. I’ve been frustrated with OS X’s native, GUI FTP support being read-only, which is why I was delighted to stumble upon MacFUSE and MacFusion.

MacFUSE is a port of the FUSE project to the Mac platform by Amit Singh at Google. FUSE stands for File system in USErspace, which, means that it provides a filesystem interface for things that may or may not be actual filesystems without troubling the operating system with all the messy details. The part that gets me excited is that I can mount an ftp site and then read from and write to it from the GUI or command line, but the list of things that can mounted using FUSE is quite extensive. Both FUSE and MacFUSE are command line based, so Michael Gorbach developed MacFusion, which lets you unlock some of the power of FUSE without typing a whole lot or even reading a manual. Now I essentially have ftp access as good as EditPlus’s from almost any application. I have to say almost? because Apple’s Backup program doesn’t like to recognize FUSE drives.

Witch Switcher?

I’ve only been using it for a few hours, but I feel the need to write about Witch by Many Tricks. Expose lets you switch windows, but this can be difficult or confusing if you have many windows from many different applications open at the same time. I’ll often find myself with 20+ windows open after a few hours of work on my Macbook, at which point Exposé’s “All Applicationsâ€? (F9) feature is pretty much useless. I usually end up selecting the application that I want from the dock and then using Exposé’s “Application Windowsâ€? (F10) function to find what I’m looking for. I longed for an application switcher that showed me all open windows but also gave me their titles.  Witch at least shows me the titles and application names.

If I have any complaints, it’s that Witch doesn’t function exactly like Exposé. If I could configure it so a single tap of the F8 key makes the Witch panel appear and a second tap of F8 (or any of the other Exposé keys) would make it disappear. Despite this minor annoyance, I still consider this a valuable addition to my productivity toolkit. I have to give props to The Unnoficial Apple Weblog, where I first read about Witch.

Witch Screenshot

iTunes 7.2 released

As up update to monday’s post, Apple today released iTunes 7.2, which includes iTunes Plus, Apple’s name for DRM-free downloads. Despite the press release‘s implication that the DRM free tracks are online, I dont’ see them yet.

UPDATE: To see the DRM free tracks, you have to click the iTunes Plus link in the Quick Links box on the right side of the iTunes Store. After agreeing to the iTunes Plus Terms Of Service , the plus tracks do start to show up in the regular store. The enhanced tracks can be recognized by a ‘+’ icon next to the price (and the price itself).