Occasionally I find myself working with a Mac owner who is not near their computer, and can give me little more then a processor class and a physical description of the machine itself. Enter Mactracker. It’s a nifty little tool with all sorts of information on every Apple, Motorola, PowerComputing, and UMAX Mac ever released, as well as iPods, scanners, printers and other Apple accessories.

The information it provides includes:

  • Processor speed
  • Memory
  • Optical drives
  • Graphics cards
  • Ssupported Mac OS versions
  • Expansion options
  • Photographs
  • Startup and shutdown sounds (not really useful, but fun)

Mactracker’s product database updates itself automatically, and the authors seem to be fairly active in terms of adding useful features to the software itself. For instance, they recently added a timeline feature which shows all the products cataloged in the order they were released, broken down by year. I consider it well worth the 18MB of hard drive space if you ever have to deal with older Macs.

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Harrionette Miers

Harriet Miers is but a puppet controlled by Hier Bush

The image above, much like my photoshop skills, is far from perfect. The idea for the picture came to me while chatting with my boss yesterday, so rather then get a full night’s sleep, I created it using the trial version of Photoshop CS2. In the spirit of full disclosure, I know very little about:

  1. Harriet Miers
  2. Harriet Miers’ qualifications sit on the Supreme Court or to hold any other position for that matter.
  3. Whether or not Harriet Miers was nominated because she is easily manipulatable, as the picture suggests.

I’m pretty sure since this is parody that I’m not breaking any laws. Feel free to copy and distribute, but I’d appreciate it if you left the tag in place and give a link back to callblog or this post.

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Sweet new chair

UPDATE As of 9/12/05, these chairs have returned to their original pricing, and are not such a sweet deal.

Last time I mentioned things I was purchasing, I caught flak from Mike D for promoting my place of work, but this time the product I just bought it from an organization that I have no vested interest in.

My cube neighbor Steve and I ordered Furniture At Work® Hampton Leather Executive Chair from Office Depot. Order 2 and you qualify for free shipping. Use the coupon code 45036047 and you get an extra $20 off, so if you have a friend who wants one, you can pick it up for $30 each – shipped.

The current status of the order says it will be delivered tomorrow. Everyone I’ve spoken with thinks this date is highly suspect, and I’ll agree with them unless I get sent a tracking number tonight. Either way, I’ll post some (and by some, I mean one because I’m lazy) picture(s) and might mention if it’s comfy later on.

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Opera Turns 10

From /. [] Opera, my favorite web browser, is celebrating it’s 10th anniversary. As part of their celebration, you can get a free registration code. If you’re worried about privacy, you can just give them a fake email address and copy the code off the confirmation screen.

I guess I can take Opera off my Master Wish List []

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New Computer

Arriving today:

The box needs a bit more RAM and I’ll be throwing a higher end graphics card in it at some point (but with DVI on the motherboard, my only real complaint is shared video memory), but I’ve already got a DVD burner, so no worries about the base CD-ROM drive.

Work can can not end too quickly.

UPDATE 11:56am – The machine arrived and is in working order. I ran Dead Pixel Buddy and display seems to be perfect. I snapped a picture of it setup on my desk at work (which is it’s temporary location until 5:30pm):

My New DVD Burner

Today UPS delivered my Sony DVD+/-RW DL Drive from PC Connection. Sad to say, it’s my first ever DVD drive. Sadder to say, I have no computer in which to install an IDE optical drive. While I haven’t used this new drive, I have seen the same model in action at work, at it performs like a trooper (after you update the firmware, anyway). Also you get the option of a futuristic beige/silver bezel or a sleek, professional black bezel, although if it is the biggest PITA to switch. This is a “while supplies last” item, and for $39.95 after rebate, plus shipping it’s a steal for a brand-name drive with these specs in a retail box.

On another note, Hypothermia, which aparently has butt-tons of give-aways (since that’s all I ever see them do), is doing a donation drive for Child’s Play an organization set up by the dudes at Penny Arcade that gives video games and video game systems to children’s hospitals. Oh, and your $5 donation gets you a chance to win a sweet-ass Penny Arcade themed gaming powerhouse of a computer, if you’re into that sort of thing, or need some incentive more then a warm cuddly feeling to donate a few American dolarini’s to a good cause.


Spread Firefox has collected donations from over 8,000 people as of today, October 27th, 2004.  Each of those donations is worth at least $10 (the student level) but I imagine most are at the $30 individual level.  If you do the math, we’re talking around $240k for the Mozilla Project.  While I don’t use firefox as my primary browser, I am now jumping to it instead of IE when I can’t use Opera, and the novelty of being in the New York Times for $10 seemed woth it to me, so I did cough up the student donation.  There’s still 2 days to get your name in the Firefox launch ad in the NYT.  Its too late to donate early, but you can still donate often.