Sweet new chair

UPDATE As of 9/12/05, these chairs have returned to their original pricing, and are not such a sweet deal.

Last time I mentioned things I was purchasing, I caught flak from Mike D for promoting my place of work, but this time the product I just bought it from an organization that I have no vested interest in.

My cube neighbor Steve and I ordered Furniture At Work® Hampton Leather Executive Chair from Office Depot. Order 2 and you qualify for free shipping. Use the coupon code 45036047 and you get an extra $20 off, so if you have a friend who wants one, you can pick it up for $30 each – shipped.

The current status of the order says it will be delivered tomorrow. Everyone I’ve spoken with thinks this date is highly suspect, and I’ll agree with them unless I get sent a tracking number tonight. Either way, I’ll post some (and by some, I mean one because I’m lazy) picture(s) and might mention if it’s comfy later on.

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  1. UPDATE: The chairs are shipping from Chelmsford Mass., which is where the regional hub for UPS is located. That means that free ground shipping = free overnight shipping. Sweet deal indeed.

    Two other co-workers, Bob and Anne, had their shipped to work (which is slightly frowned upon) and they’ve already gotten theirs.

  2. I’m keeping my eyes out for another. I added a gaming chair/desk to my masterwish, but it’s not on a public list, so only my friends will be able to see it (and that’s just one more reason to sign up!).

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