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My New DVD Burner

Today UPS delivered my Sony DVD+/-RW DL Drive from PC Connection. Sad to say, it’s my first ever DVD drive. Sadder to say, I have no computer in which to install an IDE optical drive. While I haven’t used this new drive, I have seen the same model in action at work, at it performs like a trooper (after you update the firmware, anyway). Also you get the option of a futuristic beige/silver bezel or a sleek, professional black bezel, although if it is the biggest PITA to switch. This is a “while supplies last” item, and for $39.95 after rebate, plus shipping it’s a steal for a brand-name drive with these specs in a retail box.

On another note, Hypothermia, which aparently has butt-tons of give-aways (since that’s all I ever see them do), is doing a donation drive for Child’s Play an organization set up by the dudes at Penny Arcade that gives video games and video game systems to children’s hospitals. Oh, and your $5 donation gets you a chance to win a sweet-ass Penny Arcade themed gaming powerhouse of a computer, if you’re into that sort of thing, or need some incentive more then a warm cuddly feeling to donate a few American dolarini’s to a good cause.

3 Replies to “My New DVD Burner”

  1. Quite a company man you’ve become; hawking the boss’s wares on your personal time. Waiting for an opening in sales? 😉

  2. Its not like I get a cut. It actually is a decent drive for a pretty good price (assuming you don’t mind jumping through the rebate hoops).

    They wont let me go to sales… I’m not a souless abomination, and I’m therefore not cut out for the job.

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