World Freediving Record

A little dated, but late last month, a Dutch gentlemen by the name of Patrick Musimu smashed the no-limits free driving record by taking a big breath, riding a weighted sled down to 209.6m below sea level then being pulled back to the surface by a balloon. The whole trip took just under 3 and half minutes and he did it while fighting off an intestinal infection. I think I can speak for the whole world when I say “Holy freakin’ crap, that’s deep!”

Judging from Musimu’s letter to the freediving community [found here], it’s gone to his head (not that I can blame him for that), but I think I’d still rather train with Umberto Pelizari at the Apnea Academy.

One Reply to “World Freediving Record”

  1. Yeah… That guy does seem like a bit of a pompus twit! I’m glad his technical divers were TDI though. Maybe he didn’t want to have his chest pounding faded into the background by the annoying preaching of DIR tech divers.

    I guess I do have to say that 200M is pretty FREAKIN’ deep though!

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