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Healadin Guides

Paladin IconI’ve been playing a Holy Paladin in World of Warcraft for several years now, with time off between the Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King expansions. Since hitting level 80 and getting into heroic instances, I’ve been trying to absorb the collective wisdom of paladins holier then myself, in order to become the best healer I can be.

I started off with the Holy Paladin Guide at elitistjerks.com, based off recommendations by the folks at The Instance podcast. The Elitist Jerks guide goes into great detail about each tool in a holy paladin’s arsenal, plus it covers glyphs, consumables (potions and food), add-ons and talent builds. It focuses on where you want your holy paladin to end up, so parts of it may be out of reach if you’ve just hit 80, but the talent builds and glyphs are easy and inexpensive ways to boost your healing as soon, or even before you hit level 80.

The second guide, which I only recently discovered, is Paladincraft.net‘s Pre-Raid Gear List for Paladins, specifically their Holy Gear Guide. As the name implies, this guide gives you some very basic guidelines for what stats a holy paladin will need to get into level 80 raids, and then lists gear that will help you meet that criteria, arranged by slot, along with where to acquire each piece and suggested enchants. This guide is great because it helps someone new to level 80 focus on which heroics to run and which reputation to grind as they build up to raiding.

As far as caveats go, searching for the Elitist Jerk’s guide always leads me to an old version of the post, but the latest is stickied in the Elitist Jerk’s Paladin class mechanics forum. Also, much of the information that I linked directly to may be out of date as soon as Patch 3.1 drops. Consider yourself warned.