Fox Park Survey #1

Monday after work I decided to go take an initial survey of the (unmapped as far as I know) trails behind Fox Park.  My goal was to put together enough of a map that I can get around and know where I am in relation to everything else.  My end goal for this project is to put together a complete map of all the trails.  I spend about and hour and a half walking around and went a smidge of 2 kilometers.  The mapped the data using QuakeMap and I’m posting it for all to see.  I think on my next trip I’m going to try to get an accurate waypoint for some (all?) of the intersections and interesting features as well as hauling out some more trash (did I forget to mention that I pulled out about 4 empty malt liquor bottles and numerous empty cans?).  Anyone want to join me?  I was thinking of going Sunday Morning.  Click here for the map.