Utah Commercial Lease Agreement Form

In addition to the duration of the rental agreement, the terms of the rental agreement may be fixed or periodic. The fixed-term lease has a predetermined end date and, if the lease provides for it, the terms may or may not change and the rent may increase. In the case of a fixed end date, you are not required to give notice to the rental agreement, as the rental agreement expires naturally. Be aware that all commercial leases have the provision that imposes on owners the obligation of reduction. This means that if a tenant wrongly evacuates the premises and is in arrears in payment, the lessor must do everything reasonable and exercise due diligence to reduce the damage caused by the infringement. They do not do this by re-renting this premise to a new tenant. The amount of rent you pay monthly or annually depends on the type of lease you negotiate and agree. There are four main types of leasing contracts. Once you have signed the contract, it shows that you have committed to its terms.

This means that you should not sign the lease blindly. Write down the terms of the lease agreement, check and negotiate terms that seem unfavorable or may limit your business growth. Some of the elements to be checked are the following: The lessor undertakes and guarantees that the lessor maintains and maintains the tenant in the exclusive, quiet, peaceful and undisturbed and uninterrupted ownership of the rented premises during the term of this rental agreement. C. Tenants and lessors maintain at their own expense one or two policies of a comprehensive general liability insurance in respect of the respective activities of each in the building, the premiums being paid in full on the due date or before the due date, issued and binding for an insurance company approved by the lessor, such insurance to obtain a minimum coverage of at least USD 1,000,000 of combined individual coverage for bodily injury to be offered. Property damage or combinations. The landlord is mentioned as an additional insured in the tenant`s policy or in the comprehensive liability insurance policies, and the tenant must provide the lessor with the current insurance certificates that attest to the tenant`s compliance with this paragraph….