Triple Net Lease Agreement Definition

If you want to learn more about Triple-Net-Leasing, we recommend you create a free account on TenantBase and speak to one of our local advisors. Your know-how is free for companies that want to rent land and they can help you every step of the way. In a net double leasing (Net-Net or NN), the tenant or tenant is responsible for property tax and property insurance. The owner is responsible for all repair and maintenance costs of the community area. Many people will use the term Triple Net Lease, even if a contract is not specifically a Triple Net Lease, easy to describe. In this way, individuals and commercial parties may misunderstate the intent of a lease agreement at the time the contract is signed. Single net lease tenants pay slightly less rents than a typical rental because of the additional cost of property tax. But higher rents do not relieve the landlord`s responsibility to keep these expenses up to date. In this article, we explained the structure of Triple Net Lease and certain bases of NNN leasing as well as the significant benefits and risks in this type of investment. I hope we have addressed all the hesitations and we have convinced you that this could be a dignified opportunity. The benefits of a triple net lease vary from leasing to circumstances, leasing and circumstances. In most cases, because the tenant paid for three net costs related to the location of the real estate, the rent is generally much lower than any other type of ordinary real estate rental. Despite the definition of a Triple Net Lease or Absolute Net Lease, there are still some costs and fees that are not covered in the agreement.

For example, it is unusual for a triple net tenancy to cover all accounting costs issued by the lessor`s Certified Public Accountant (CPA), or all legal fees as a result of the owner`s lawyers. A net triple rental can be highly supported by landlords, given the extra costs and tax inefficiencies, but this is not necessarily the case. If you negotiate well and take advantage of your benefits to achieve maximum effect, a triple net lease could be a financial benefit to your business.