Njcs Agreement 2014

Subsequently, the Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU) asked the management of the Steel Authority of India Management (SAIl) to release the first phase of the arrears as soon as possible. “In accordance with the NJCS agreement, management should pay the first instalment of arrears within one month. Although four months have already passed, we are asking the management to publish the first tranche as soon as possible,” CITU National Vice President Bishnu Mohanty told a press meeting. A copy of the NJCS agreement, signed on 01.07.2014, has been posted online in the Documents section of the NJCS section. On the one hand, the officers of The PerxBSP suffer from the waterproofing of tips. On the other hand, management pays 46 percent of the base share to make up for their losses. On the contrary, staff who enter the cell after July 2014 will not be freed from the waterproofing of tips or the usefulness of pakers.