Learning Agreement Lu

Foreign universities that are not established in Europe do not apply the ECTS system, so you must list local credits in the Learning Agreement. Local credits are converted as follows: you do not need to request a transcript. At the end of your exchange, the transcripts of the courses studied at Lund University are automatically sent to the coordinator of your home university. If you need a “certificate of participation”, your LU coordinator can help you with this document as well as a copy of your “Learning Agreement”. Some host universities have modules in which individual courses are optional. If you have something like “Openness” or “.. Exceptions to this rule may apply during holiday periods and/or if Lund University does not receive timely money from the Swedish Board of Governors. Students who exchange in August or September usually receive their first payment on September 25. To be entitled to the first payment, you must have passed the language exam that Erasmus+ students must take.

Once you arrive at your host university, be sure to get a copy of your apprenticeship contract, which will also be signed by your host university. If your initial course choice is not available or you need to change the selection for any reason, submit a change as soon as possible – without the agreement of your course manager, you risk that your credits will not be validated when you return to UNI.lu. . . .