Ups Freight Tentative Agreement 2018

August 12, 2018 Here are the links to the four sections of the preliminary agreement between UPS and the Teamsters. All 174 local members are covered by the National Master, the Western Region Supplement and the Joint Council 28 Rider. Part-time workers are also covered by the sorting bike. National Master Western Region Supplement Joint Council […] As has already been said, the renewal contract expires on Monday, November 12 at 12:01 p.m. .m. A work stoppage can only take place after, and then with the agreement of the negotiating committee. October 11, 2018 Under the direction of Secretary-Treasurer Rick Hicks, 174 local members voted “YES” to make huge improvements to the UPS contract Now that the IBT has published local voting numbers on the UPS master contract and all additional agreements, we are proud to announce that Teamsters Local 174 and Teamsters Joint Council 28 members […] January 17, 2019 The seven local teamster unions representing UPS Teamsters , which are covered by the Upstate and the Western New York Supplement, have reached an interim agreement and voting information will be sent to members on Tuesday, January 22. Voting is done over the Internet or by telephone. Ballot papers will be counted on Tuesday, February, […] July 19, 2018 The full UpS Negotiating Committee of the 28th Council met today to discuss the proposed language in the addendum UPS Joint Council 28 Rider and Sort. We are pleased to inform you that the committee voted unanimously in favour of the recommendation of the offer! There will be a meeting on August 12 here at the […] Welcome to headquarters for all 174 local updates related to the 2018 UPS contract – the National Master UPS Agreement, the Western Region Supplement and the Joint Council 28 Rider. This page contains information on upcoming hearings, links to the 174 Ups Teamster Times flyers and links to all relevant upSeed news articles. Visit regularly to make sure you are aware of the rest of your contract! No further details will be released until the presidents of the local teamster unions representing UPS Freight members meet in the coming weeks at the two-person meeting to review the preliminary agreement and agree to send it for a ratification vote.