Udc Community College Articulation Agreement

Military training/training: The UDC accepts work at the university level, which is entrusted to or under the direction of an accredited university or university – as part of an armed services program. The UDC uses the American Council on Education`s Guide to the Evaluation of Educational Experience in the Armed Forces to assess military experience and training that is not related to accredited colleges or universities. Accreditation: UDC accepts university programs from regionally accredited universities and universities. The UDC does not accept credits from professional, development, independent studies, internships or specialized courses. International Credit Requirements: UDC accepts transfer credits acquired from colleges or universities outside the U.S. and Canada, if: Disclosure: Please list all institutions you have visited. Otherwise, some transfer credits may be refused. Inaccuracies and omissions can lead to a refusal of admission or dismissal from the university. Only after a student confirmed the acceptance of the UDC; A transfer credit assessment will be sent to students and transfer counsellors within 5-7 working days after the student confirms that the student is enrolled.

UDC Transfer Credit Appeal Process: You have 21 days (3 weeks) – after receiving your transfer credit report – to appeal the results. Submit your written application: University of the District of Columbia Community College These transfer credits are included in – no more – the amounts allowed as they still meet residency requirements. Average number of E.C. Classes per semester (no summer) offered on Saturdays? The 4-year-old schools that E.C with. Are the articulation agreements in effect? Second or supplement: Students who obtain a second degree or a supplementary diploma are exempt from the UDC`s general educational requirements. However, they must continue to meet the UDC`s residency requirements – 30 residence credits for a bachelor`s degree, 15 residency credits for an associate degree. Additional requirements for studies or departments may still apply. Your transfer advisor can provide you with additional details and instructions for compiling and filing your transfer credit call. In addition, a member organization of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES) must first assess international funding. Total T.E.A.C.H.

Early Childhood® BA Scholarships in Fiscal Year (FY) 17 UDC (Computer Science Technology A.A.S.) and Academy of Hope (Adult Education Program) Students must bring copies of official transcripts for a meeting with the Department Head of Studies. It is up to each president to approve additional appropriations and advise students on the requirements of the studies. Admission requirements for the Early Childhood Seeds (EC) program. Including the udC admission requirements allows students to earn an election credit through the exam. However, academic departments must approve credits that apply directly to diploma requirements. Submit the credits granted by screening at the first admission for the transfer credit review. Credits granted after registration by examination must be approved by the academic department of the student`s main subject. Grade standards: In order to qualify for a transfer credit, students must have passed the course or courses with a C or higher grade (2.0 on an average scale of 4.0 degrees). Credits that have failed/failed cannot be transferred. Key Contact Email Address: Dr. Delia Richards-Robinson Program Coordinator 202.274.7057 drrichards@udc.edu Dr. Arlene King-Berry 202.274.5875 akberry@udc.edu .

Credit by Examination: UDC accepts a limited number of credits obtained by review: The following table offers important distinctions on the types of licence transfer credits that the UDC accepts.