Trade Agreement Is Missing For Internal Dropship Transaction

You can get your PayPal credit, only in rubles. All PayPal assets held in another currency are converted at the time of payment. Our transaction exchange rate, including our currency conversion tax, is used. PayPal`s liability is limited to your PayPal account and use of PayPal services. Under no circumstances is PayPal responsible for any loss of earnings or special, random or consequential damage (including, but not limited, to data loss or business loss) from or in connection with our websites, software, systems (including all networks and servers that are intended to provide any of the services PayPal) on our behalf or on our behalf. , one of the PayPal services, PayPal services. , or this use agreement (but nascent, including negligence), except to the extent that it is prohibited by law. You agree not to collect a surcharge or other fee for accepting PayPal as a source of funding. You can charge a processing fee related to the sale of goods or services as long as the processing tax is not considered a surcharge and is not higher than the processing fee you charge for non-PayPal transactions.

If you receive a payment for the sale of goods or services that will later be refunded or cancelled for any reason, you will be responsible for the total amount of payment that will be sent to you, plus any costs (including the cost of resolving potential disputes). If a transaction is refunded or otherwise cancelled, the transaction PayPal refunded or cancelled from your account PayPal in the same currency as the original transaction. If your balance PayPal for a given currency is insufficient to cover the amount of a refund or cancellation, PayPal converts currency to refund or cancel the booking. the transaction exchange rate of PayPal (including our currency conversion fees) at the time of processing the refund or cancellation is used. If you provide us with your mobile phone number, you agree that PayPal and its affiliates may contact you on this number via automatically selected or pre-registered call messages or SMS messages to: (i) use your PayPal accounts, (ii) market PayPal products and services, (iii) investigate or prevent fraud or (iv) recover debts. We may share your mobile phone number with service providers with whom we are committed to assisting us in the above activities, but without your consent, we will not share your mobile phone number with third parties for our own purposes. You do not have to agree to receive calls or texts automatically selected or pre-registered to your mobile phone number in order to use and enjoy the products and services offered by PayPal. You can refuse to receive calls or texts to your automatically selected or pre-registered mobile phone number in a variety of ways, including e-mail transaction confirmation in your account settings in case of or contacting PayPal customer service. However, we can continue to call you directly through other means if we are to speak to you. Standard phone and text charges can be generated. By linking a source of financing to your PayPal account, you give us permanent permission to automatically bill your source of financing (subject to this user contract and the terms of a mandate that the provider of that source of financing uses to create and maintain that authority to obtain funds to cover the amount of the payment (plus all transaction fees payable) when you use your account to send a payment to another user.

You can cancel any agreement in your account settings on This usage agreement applies to all users from October 22, 2020. We can make a reservation on your account PayPal if we believe that you, your PayPal account, your business model or your transactions could be high risk. If we install a reservation on your PayPal account, it means that all or part of the money in your PayPal account is booked for payment in order to pre-take the risk