The Ladies

Khaela Maricich posted a hand-puppet interview on her blog, The Touch Me Feeling. In the video, the puppets represent two of The Blow’s songs, and the unidentified interviewer is obviously Khaela herself. I must admit, that for all that I claim to be a rabid fan, I obviously haven’t been keeping up with her blog well enough, or I would have known that Jona left The Blow when it happened rather then months later. From what I’ve seen on The Blow’s myspace page and Khaela’s blog itself, it seems like (unsurprising) the path the band will take is up in the air (although I don’t doubt continued awesomeness from her).

Hock It and Hey Boy

I’m posting this as a trackback rather then just a comment because I was certain that I’d ramble on in classic LJ-style, and probably talk more about myself then the video that I meant to write about. Also it seems rude to me to post a comment on an artist’s site pondering what’s going through their head as they create something.

I guess that I really just want to encourage Khaela (there were no comments on her last blog post, despite my best intentions to comment with something). I want to do something more then commenting on The Blow’s myspace page saying that I’m super excited to see them/her in Boston next month, but I don’t want it say something like “Your next album should be a folk album (like you want to make) about the time between when things happening, like how you’re between having Jona in the band and creating new songs”, because that just sounds lame. I buy all of The Blow’s albums that I can get my hands on and I try to go to at least one show everytime The Blow is playing somewhere in New England, so I’m already providing my financial support.

I’d offer my tech support (in the unlikely case that Khaela needs it) because that’s really the only marketable and useful skill I have, but I’m unsure how to do that with without seeming stalker-ish (resume available on request!). I suppose I could help with things like *cough* getting videos on youtube so they get more exposure. But instead I (sortof) just end up here, offering my “support” in the form of a drawn out and poorly written post on an oft-neglected blog.

As my AIM profile has said for quite some time, The Blow is still the best band ever.

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