Sample Health Care Service Agreement

6. Conversion to tenure. If HCF and CMP enter into an indeterminate employment contract at any time during the term of the contract or within 9 months of the end of this MSA, Freelance Clinician is entitled to a service fee equivalent to 5% of CMP`s gross annual salary. This service fee is waived as soon as the HCF makes the payment through the Freelance Clinician`s billing and payment system for 520 hours (including overtime and time off) of the CMP services. Freelance Clinician is informed of the conversion to tenure and payment of its fees is made by HCF within 14 days from the effective date of such conversion. 2. Description of the work. The work to be performed by Contract Medical Professional includes the provision of services ____ only CMP fees and costs. This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the Parties and any prior agreement or warranty prior to the date of this Agreement is not bound to either Party unless this Agreement is included in this Agreement. i. The professional incompetence or negligence of the CMP;ii. CMP does not have any current and valid certification or license necessary to provide the Services under this Agreement; iii.

CMP violates the standards of medical care, services provided under this Agreement;iv. CMP does not report to HCF as planned and without notification;v. CMP violates HCF`s drug abuse guidelines;vi. CMP violates HCF`s written guidelines applicable to the provision of services under this Agreement;vii. CMP does not comply with the provisions of the vacancy notice # _________.viii n qualifications. CMP violates the provisions of paragraph 9 of this MSA with respect to confidential information relating to HCF. b. HCF and CMP agree to use Freelance Clinician`s billing and payment system for the submission, verification and approval of invoices and for the transfer of all payments. CMP presents all invoices for the previous week`s services by Tuesday and the week at the latest.

Each invoice shall declare the hours of work actually worked each working day and shall indicate the overtime, hours of leave and other special rates provided for therein. In the event that HCF does not use CMP`s services for the total guaranteed hours per week mentioned above, HCF is nevertheless charged a minimum of guaranteed hours. HCF transfers the payment through the invoicing and payment system no later than 30 days after the date of submission of the CMP invoice. Any outstanding balance that is not paid by CMP within 30 days of the invoice date is subject to a penalty of 1.5% of the outstanding balance payable for each month in which it remains unpaid.c. . . .