Pop Up Agreement Form

10.3. Finally, GO-POPUP may set up communication channels or mechanisms to facilitate communication between the Owner and the User; These channels are limited to transmitting information transmitted by one party to the other party to the address or contactless means of connection provided by the GO-POPUP receiver. Under no circumstances can GO-POPUP be responsible for the receipt of the communication by the other party or the correct resolution of incidents or claims of the owner or user. REMEDIES. In addition to all other rights a party has under the law, the other party may terminate the contract by written notice to the defaulting party if it is late in failing to fulfill the essence of any provision, condition or condition of this agreement (including, but not limited to, failure to make a payment of money on the due date). This Communication should describe in sufficient detail the nature of the delay. Go-PopUp will publish this information to allow viewers to access the information and access the donation function on the brand`s website via the link provided. In this case, Go-PopUp does not intervene in the purchase process or in the payment of the products. It simply forwards members of the target group to the brand`s website, including campaign information during such a deviation. .