Month-To-Month Rental Agreement Bc

(c) the sole ownership of the rental unit, which is subject only to the landlord`s right to enter the rental unit covered in Section 29 [limits the landlord`s right to enter the rental unit]; Unless written agreement from a landlord, a tenant cannot give up or sublet a tenancy agreement. If a fixed-term lease exceeds a six-month period, or for a lease lease on residential land, a tenant may apply for a sublease or award a lease. All information about the new tenant of the subtenant must be made in writing. In the case of a manufactured home rental contract, the application for sublease or transfer must be submitted in the form “Request for consent for the award of a lease for the product host site.” The landlord has a good reason to refuse a request for a transfer or assignment from a tenant. However, the lessor has the right to authorize the transfer or sub-distribution, but cannot refuse it without good reason. exclusions: housing rented by a non-profit housing co-operative to a member of that co-op; housing that is both owned and operated by an educational institution (college or university) and can be rented by students and staff of that school; Apartments where tenants share a bathroom or kitchen with the landlord; Housing consisting of real estate primarily used for commercial purposes and leased under a single contract; Accommodation for travellers/people on holiday; Accommodation to provide emergency shelter or transitional needs; Units rented under a tenancy agreement for more than 20 years; Housing classified under the Rentals Act for residential construction; Homes classified under the Community Care Facility Act, the Continuing Care Act, the Hospital Act or the Mental Health Act; Housing, which provides food and personal care services; Some institutions for the elderly; Residences that provide rehabilitation or therapy services. Bails and bonds for damage to animals do not apply to the rental of residential land. A fixed-term tenancy agreement may include a specific date on which the tenant must move. If no date is given and the landlord and tenant do not sign a new lease, the contract is automatically converted into a month-to-month lease and all other terms of the contract remain in effect.