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8 Replies to “Log Jammer”

  1. You’ve got the ingredients right, but the proportions, not quite at least as far as juices go. I’m assuming you’re mixing in a 16 ounce glass with some ice.

    It’s a half ounce of each liquor (3/4 of an ounce if you really want your ass kicked) Then whatever room is left in the glass, fill with 2 parts cran to 1 part oj.

    What’s with the sudden interest in the log jammer anyway? Planning on getting totally trashed soon? We all know what happened the last time you had them 😉

  2. Yeah, I have to pipe in. The parts of that night I remember, you were dancing and falling and crawling around. Don’t want to turn your blog into a personal forum, but you started it. Those log jammers are good; much better than Zach’s uncle’s moonshine. I still have that CD Bailey burned for me… wanna post it here?

  3. Ok, mike started it, so here goes: yes Mike, please leave the cd somewhere where i can find it 😉 I’m assuming it’s sketchy Bailey shit that’s worth watching. Now regarding the night Justin had log jammers, I believe he had 2 and a beer at the bar, then I’m pretty sure I made him two more at Z’s … Even I get stumbly with that much liquor, and I’m at least twice the size of Justin. The most memorable moment though was Jenny trying to tell him it was time to leave, him praying to the porcelain diety, and moaning, “NO JENNY! NO!” I swear to god i thought she was taking advantage of him 😉

  4. I can’t imagine what Justin wouldn’t consent to have done to him. You wouldn’t believe how far back his legs go. Anyway, the CD I’m talking about is the **** **** CD.

  5. Oh, yeah I’ve seen that, and have access to Z’s copy, so I guess I’m all set. I was disappointed it had such a low frame rate … otherwise it could be really decent

  6. Wow, I get back from Connecticut and I have a butt-load of comments. I should take vacations more often. I decided to take censor the name of the party involved, if only to protect the not-so-innocent. Have I mentioned that I still don’t have a copy of the *ahem* data on that CD? Mike, I think you still have upload priviliges here on callblog…

  7. I’ll get to that. By the way, a name isn’t incriminating by itself, the content takes care of that.

  8. So all this mention of me repeatedly through this and not a single link over to my site, geez. Anyway, I do also have that CD and would be happy to distribute to whoever.

    Also, Justin, can you Technorati tag this “Alan Baker” A bunch of us have decided to tag stuff related to him that way http://technorati.com/tag/Alan%20Baker becomes “his blog” since he refuses to set one up of his own. Even though he clearly has useful stuff for all of us. If we get enough stuff there we’re gonna register a domain on his behalf and point it there.

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