Half Life 2 Episode 2 and Portal shipping (downloading) October 9th

Although the official website is severely lacking in the details department, I was excited to see Joystiq reporting today that Half Life 2 Episode 2 and Portal (along with Team Fortress 2, which I don’t really care about) will be available on game developer Valve‘s Steam service on October 9th, 2007. The games will also be available on PS3 and Xbox 360 (both of which I also don’t care about). My interest in Half Life started with the stunning visuals and phsyics engine, but I was drawn in by the story. I played through Half Life: Source to see how the mess at Black Mesa started and then played Episode 1 as soon as it was available. Episode 1 leaves you hanging just as much as the end of Half Life 2 does, so I’m sure I’ll have to play through episode 2 just to see what happens next.

Portal, on the other hand, I’ll play to see how it’s perversion of physics plays out. The trailer (see below) generated a lot of buzz when it was first released, and it looks like it could be lots and lots of fun. I’ve marked my calendar with the release date, but 4 months can be a long time. Based on Valve’s past performance, I’m sad to say that I wouldn’t be surprised to see it pushed back in 2008.

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