Geocache: Stones Lichens & Moss

This trip was a real wilderness experience.  I couldn’t find the roads indicated on the cache page, so I entered the trailhead’s coords in my gps and headed for ashland.  After navigating some back-roads, I drove past the location a couple times, but poor gps reception kept my alarm from going off.  Although I didn’t know it at the time, I managed to park about 30m away from the well covered trail head.  I headed into the woods.

I followed a stone wall for about 20m but after a nasty fall on a rock, banging my elbow and knee, I decided to abandon the “safety” of the wall and bushwhack a line towards towards the cache.  Two hundred meters later, I find myself (finally) on the trail indicated by the cache page, only now I’ve gone needless up and down a large hill.  At this milestone, I remembered that there was a waypoint that I forgot to enter in my gps, indicated where to leave the trail.  The ever-handy printout of the cache page with hints and other pertinant info was altogether locked in my car.  Doh.

I walked along the trail until I was “pretty close” to the cache and then headed into the woods.  Knowing that the cache was hidden in or near a stone wall, I attemped to at first navigate along the twisting maze of stone walls left by some farmer many years ago.  Thick undergrowth made following the walls impossible.  It did however make falling on my face very easy. I eventually had to abandon the stone wall in favor of the open forest. 

Skipping past my third fall, I ended up at the stone wall where the cache was hidden.  It was perhaps 20m long and I really had no idea where on it to look.  My GPSr was pointing me to a large rock about 7m away but I thoroughly seached that and came up empty handed.  I walked the entire length of wall 5 or 6 times before I finally spied the prize which I sought after.  I signed the log scroll and wearily determined to take a more direct route back to my car.

At first, I once again attempted to follow the stone wall back to the trail, but once again failed due to heavy undergrowth.  This time however, abandoning the wall only brought me into heavier undergowth, so much so that the gps almost went completely without signal times.  Thank goodness for Northfinder™.  I aimed my feet towards my car and walked until I was in the clear and back on the 4WD trail once again. 

Walking/Jogging along the trail trying to get back to my car my foot fell into a hole that was covered in leaves.  I threw my poor GPSr and water bottle to save myself a mouthfull and dirt and subsecquently forced grime into a cut on my hand from a previous fall.  I was more cautious the remainder of the way back.  I crawled into my car, careful not to bloody the upholstry and drove home.


1 cache found.

3 ticks removed.

6 scrapes on their way to healing.