Dive Report 15: Stinson Lake – Rumney, NH

July 2nd, 2005. Kicked around and blew some bubbles off a friend’s camp on Stinson lake in Rumney, NH. Started off the season with a bang by dropping a fin as a shuffled towards deeper water. After recovering and securing it to my foot, I headed for deeper waters. There wasn’t a whole lot to look at, but there were logs on the bottom, with at least 2 standing upright. I managed to recover 6 golf balls and sighted one anchor, but I wasn’t equipped to bring it back with me or mark it’s location.

While perhaps not the most interesting place in the world to dive, I can think of at least 3 more dives that I’d like to do here.

  1. Recover the anchor
  2. Explore the big rock by the boat launch. This could probably be done on just a snorkle and still be just as fun
  3. Explore the deeper waters outside of the cove

Other Facts:

  • Surface Temperature: ~80F
  • Visability: ~10ft
  • Bottom Time 18 minutes
  • Max Depth 22ft