Crashlytics Data Processing Agreement

Conservation: Performance control records installation and IP events for 30 days and unidentified performance data for 90 days. The data exporter agrees to file a copy of this contract with the supervisory authority if requested or if such a deposit is required by existing data protection legislation. 5.2.2 Google`s compliance with the instructions. Google will comply with the instructions described in Section 5.2.1 (customer instructions) (including data transfers), unless European or national law subject to Google requires further processing of the customer`s personal data by Google, in which case Google will prevent the customer via the notification email address (unless the law prohibits it for important public interest reasons). 11.1 Approval of subprocessing commitment. The customer expressly authorizes Google to hire Google`s related companies as subprocessors. In addition, the customer generally allows Google to hire third parties other than subprocessors (“third-party subprocessors”). Where the customer has subscribed to the standard contractual clauses covered in paragraph 10.2 (Data Transfers), the above authorizations constitute the Client`s prior written consent to subcontracting by Google LLC for the processing of customer data. Data importer The data importer is Google LLC, a global provider of a variety of technology services. In fact, data transfers to Crashlytics are covered by another protection – Google`s certification under the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework.

This means that under the RGPD, it is not necessary or appropriate to obtain a user`s consent to transfer their data for the use of crashlytics outside the EU. By downloading and using the Gobi app or registering a user on our web platform, you recognize that your data can be transferred, stored, processed and used in the EU and other countries where third parties operate on our behalf. You also confirm that you are aware that, in some of these countries, data protection legislation may deviate from the laws in the country in which you live. In this case, we take appropriate steps to protect your personal data in accordance with this Directive. B for example by using data encryption to protect passwords. This section 1 describes only data centers operated and operated by Google and network security, not those operated by an infrastructure provider.