Cohabitation Agreement Belgium

If the agreement between the life partners is seriously disrupted, the case may be referred to the justice of the peace, who may order urgent interim measures (Article 1479 Civil Code code),which may include: a written declaration of cohabitation is made at the civil registry office of the place of residence. The declaration must contain the following: you must declare legal cohabitation ONLY in Belgium. Yes, you come with a tourist visa as you usually travel to Europe. Hello A, thank you for your compliment. I`m no better than the agency, it`s just that I`ve read many case studies in forums on cohabitation in Belgium. Of course, people also share their problems with me, which allows me to increase my consciousness over time. Finally, you can only sign a legal cohabitation agreement if you obtain your Ceibacy certificate. The borough of Antwerp will collect this copy on the spot. All other documents can wait. On the criteria, it meets the criteria 2b), but not the 2a). I read the Brussels website on legal cohabitation, but it did not specify the 2a criteria. I wonder if Antwerp and Brussels have different policies in this area. Legal cohabitation in Belgium is another alternative to marriage.

In 2013, the Bulletin cited for the first time in Belgium an increase in legal cohabitation in relation to registered marriage: all the municipalities I know claim the certificate of celibacy when dering a legal cohabitation on the spot. Have the certificate translated by a sworn translator if, by then, the copy is not available in English, French, Dutch or German. English is not an official language in Belgium, but the Authority accepts it. Two persons who live together can give the civil registry official for the common place of residence a common declaration on written legal cohabitation: they then become legitimate partners (Articles 1475 and 1476 of the Civil Code). Cohabitation is recognized for the purposes of visa and residence of a foreign partner. Or could we present his work permit while applying legal cohabitation instead of waiting for the ID card? My question is: is it possible or a good opportunity to apply for us for cohabitation? And since she doesn`t earn a fixed income, what are the chances that my visa will be extended after I finish my studies? Because if I have a Belgian orange card, the non-European staff rules do not apply to me and I can very well find a job.