Adsense and Facial Hair – yes, they’re related.

I’m thinking about putting adsense ads on the front page of callblog. Heres the issue: I use the free version of Opera, and it’s unobtrusive google text ads are always the same or very similar to adsense ads on the page I’m looking at. When I’m looking at individual entries, the ads are usually related to the content of the entry in some way. When I’m looking at callblog’s front page, the ads are for beard and goatee trimmers. Granted, I do have a pretty sweet goatee. I’m just not sure why google obsesses over it so much.

That being said, bring on the wacky beards!

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2 Replies to “Adsense and Facial Hair – yes, they’re related.”

  1. The winner of last year’s Beard and Mustache Championship lives in Germany.
    I looked for him the whole time I was there. 🙂

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