Mason Jennings and Jennifer O’Connor at Pearl Street

Mason Jennings Friday night I drove down to Northampton, MA to see Mason Jennings play at the Pearl Street Night Club. I hadn’t seen Mason perform since the summer of 2002 as best as I can recall, and to be honest I hadn’t been keeping up with his new releases. When I saw him then it was him with his guitar and a mic, and some sort of bass acomponyment (I’m tempted to say it was a cello). Apparently these days he tours with a keyboard player, a drummer and a bass player. I don’t want to say it was bad. It wasn’t. It was very good, it just wasn’t lone folk hero that I started listening to 5 years ago and not what I was expecting to see. I found myself questioning several times, “Who does this guy think he is, John Mayer?”

Jennifer O'Connor The opening act, Jennifer O’Connor, was fab-u-lous. She has a clean, folk rock sound that I found refreshing. Her performance was right on. The harder rocking songs rocked my socks and the ballads moved me. My only criticism would be that she doesn’t act like the rockstar she is between songs. Maybe it’s a folk artist thing that they’re meek and quiet between songs. I bought one of her albums, Over the Mountain, Across the Valley and Back to the Stars and got it signed. I would have bought both the albums she had that night if I had the cash on me… A couple $4.50 bottles of Magic Hat puts an extreme dent into one’s merch money. Anyway, I got home after midnight and had to listen to the entire album before going to sleep.

Overall, I give Jennifer O’Conner a 4.5 out of 5 and Mason Jennings a 2.75 out of 5. I’m sure he worried about ostracizing his fan base when he added the rest of the band. I’m just one of those fans who was a little ostracized, albeit belated, since I hadn’t picked up any of his new stuff in quite some time.

Flickr Scout

Stumbled upon a new tool today: Flickr Scout by Basically it will show you if any of your photos have ever been in the the top 500 interesting photos for the day and gives you some stats about those that have. So far, only my “what’s in your bag” photo has ever hit the list.

There are some other strange little Flickr doo-dads at fd’s Flickr Toys page. I haven’t played around with them too much, but some of them look like fun.


Today I had a chance to play around with a customer’s MacBook Pro. Supposedly it had been giving them electric shocks, something I was unable to reproduce. In the process of testing, I messed around with Photo Booth and came out with this. I think it makes me look like Tom Green.


Occasionally I find myself working with a Mac owner who is not near their computer, and can give me little more then a processor class and a physical description of the machine itself. Enter Mactracker. It’s a nifty little tool with all sorts of information on every Apple, Motorola, PowerComputing, and UMAX Mac ever released, as well as iPods, scanners, printers and other Apple accessories.

The information it provides includes:

  • Processor speed
  • Memory
  • Optical drives
  • Graphics cards
  • Ssupported Mac OS versions
  • Expansion options
  • Photographs
  • Startup and shutdown sounds (not really useful, but fun)

Mactracker’s product database updates itself automatically, and the authors seem to be fairly active in terms of adding useful features to the software itself. For instance, they recently added a timeline feature which shows all the products cataloged in the order they were released, broken down by year. I consider it well worth the 18MB of hard drive space if you ever have to deal with older Macs.

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Harrionette Miers

Harriet Miers is but a puppet controlled by Hier Bush

The image above, much like my photoshop skills, is far from perfect. The idea for the picture came to me while chatting with my boss yesterday, so rather then get a full night’s sleep, I created it using the trial version of Photoshop CS2. In the spirit of full disclosure, I know very little about:

  1. Harriet Miers
  2. Harriet Miers’ qualifications sit on the Supreme Court or to hold any other position for that matter.
  3. Whether or not Harriet Miers was nominated because she is easily manipulatable, as the picture suggests.

I’m pretty sure since this is parody that I’m not breaking any laws. Feel free to copy and distribute, but I’d appreciate it if you left the tag in place and give a link back to callblog or this post.

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